The Good, The Bad and The Free Trial The Bad of Netflix

The Cons of Netflix Streaming:

Few New Releases  ==> Minimal access to new releases in film and television (unless you have the DVD subscription)

Hard to Browse  ==> Overall poor Organization: if you havenít already decided what you are going to watch itís difficult to browse effectively and find something youíd like.
      Wonky and Not Current - New releases and recently added titles are rarely       updated, making it difficult to find new content.
      Sites Recommendations Useless - No effective recommendation system

Confusing  ==> Features and controls on various platforms and different apps are confusing.

Pay Every Month  ==> You have to pay each month, whether youíre using it or not.

Shows Come and Go  ==> Due to licensing agreements and disagreements certain TV shows and movies are prevented from ever being featured. Due to these contractual changes some shows appear and disappear over the years. On January 4th 2014, over 90 films and TV shows were removed from Netflix due to the expiration of licensing contracts. These films will still be available for those who pay extra for the DVD subscription. By removing so much of its quality content perhaps Netflix is attempting to capitalize on their large customer base by forcing more people into DVD subscriptions.

The Cons of Netflix DVD Rental:

Picking Movies: not being able to walk through the store and see all the new movies on the walls is the biggest drawback for Netflix. But finding a DVD rental store to walk through maybe be going the way of the Dodo and the VCR. Yes Netflix has made great strides in this department and they are constantly working on ways to improve how members browse movies and how they can make meaningful suggestions on what movies are worth watching, but there is something to be said for the experience of walking through a store and 'shopping' for a good movie to watch.

No Spontaneity: Netflix DVD rental requires that you must plan ahead for your movie watching. With Netflix you can't just decide that you must have a certain movie right away as you have to wait for the movie to come in the mail.

Pay Each Month: Of course you have to pay for it, but even if you don't use it you have to pay for it. So if you travel to Europe for 2 months you keep paying your monthly fee unless you put your membership on hold, which is a cool feature but you have to remember to pause the account. It is easy to dial in your account to match your viewing habits but if your viewing habits change your plan keeps charging you at the preset rate; until of course you change it to match your new viewing habits. This ties back into the theme that Netflix requires you to plan ahead. The key is to stay current with your account; a magazine subscription is only worth it if you read the magazine: Netflix is only worth it if you watch the movies. We know that is obvious but it bears stating, why join Netflix if you are not going to watch movies? But you knew that already.

Esoteric Movies Often Take Longer: DVD titles that are rare and hard to find are often not found in all 41 shipping centers at any given time, so often they will be shipped from a different shipping center as opposed to your local one. When that happens it could take an extra day or two to get to you as the mail only travels so far each day. Luckily this does not happen often; of the 700 movies we have rented this happened about 25 times, so just above 3% of the time. Usually it adds one day, but our record was 5 days! That movie was shipped from Portland, Oregon to Ithaca, New York. But the movie was a real 1-in-100,000 kind of movie.