The Good, The Bad and The Free Trial

Netflix versus the Competition

Is Netflix better than Red Box, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime?

Yes they are. For now. But that could change as Redbox has taken a large share of DVD renters - 48% according to some sources. Redbox Instant, a venture into streaming, was firmly squashed by Netflix and Redbox Instant is no more. So if a joint partnership between Redbox and Verizon can't beat Netflix - who can? Others have tried and failed - Amazon and Apple have so far proven they are not up to the challenge. But with Cord-Cutting gaining steam our bet is some small company like Vue or SlingTV just might make it over the mountain that is Netflix.

Blockbuster tried competing head-to-head with Netflix, both on DVD rentals and streaming, and Blockbuster crashed and burned spectacularly in their attempt - Netflix destroyed Blockbuster and drove Blockbuster out of business. When Netflix first started, Netflix was the David taking on the Goliath of Blockbuster - Blockbuster was litterally everywhere with over 6,000 retail stores. Now the tables are turned and Netflix is the Goliath with the lions share of the streaming market and the deep pockets with close to 30 million streaming members (25.1 million US and 4.3 million outside of the US) and 8.6 million DVD rental memebers. That is over 38 million paying members - each month - WOW. Netflix clearly has the upper hand and deep pockets in any battle.

Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, and other instant-streaming options offer normally inferior quantity and quality to Netflix’s streaming options and are not as easily accessible across platforms. Other options, such as Redbox, Movies-on-Demand, or Amazon Instant Video, where you pay a one-time fee for a movie and have access to new releases may be more viable in your situation. These options are more convenient if you don’t want to sit around waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail. Only time will tell how Hulu, Amazon Prime and the new cord-cutting streamers fare againt Netflix.