The Good, The Bad and The Free Trial

Netflix Reviews
Convenience: The best feature of Netflix is the movies come to you, so no more car trips to the movie rental house. Also you don't have to do anything outside of your normal routine; to pick up a new movie, just check your mail; to return one just drop it off with the rest of your mail.

Biggest Movie Selection: Netflix has over 100,000 movies, Blockbuster Online has just 80,000. An average video store has about 15,000 titles, a big box rental store tops out at 40,000, and a Redbox kiosk only has about 70-100 movies.

No Late Fees: Never get charged a late fee - ever.

Free Trial: Netflix has a cool business model - they want to earn your business before charging you for it. You can try their service free for 2 weeks; if you like it, Netflix hopes you will continue on - if not, simply cancel your account before the 2 week trial ends and you owe nothing. Canceling is easy, just log in and select "cancel account". Starting a free trial takes less than 3 minutes. Start Your Free Trial: Click Here.

Free Online Movies + Unlimited Viewing: Netflix made the online system very easy to use, it takes just 30 seconds to set up, and you can choose from over 17,000 movies to watch - all available instantly. Image quality is the best online. High Speed Internet required - works with both PC and Mac. All Unlimited plans include unlimited online movies.

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Price: Netflix plans start as low as $4.99 per month and average $1.73 per DVD rental via the mail. Stores like Blockbuster, Hollywood, and Movie Gallery are all over $4 per DVD rental. And Netflix delivers the movies. For a complete list of Netflix plans, click here or just visit

Fast Delivery: Netflix has 47 shipping centers which means that over 95% of the US can get a movie delivered in 1 postal day. Netflix mails a movie on Monday, you get it on Tuesday; mailing it back takes just one day too. The other DVD rental guys have only 23 shipping centers, so it takes them 2 postal days each way, which makes Netflix the fastest to and from your door with a movie.

Unedited Movies: All of the movies Netflix rents are unedited. Blockbuster did edit movies in the past but now claim they no longer do; some people debate whether Blockbuster really stopped editing the movies they rent.

Family Friendly: If you have kids, you can create a log-in for them so they can order movies too. You can also set viewing limits for the kids, blocking access to certain types of movies (for example those rated PG-13 or R). You can even edit their movie choices - just log in and make changes to the kid's movie queue.

Friends: Friends on Netflix can connect with other friends on Netflix, this is really practical as it helps with movie selections - if your friend watches a great movie they can easily send you a note to your Netflix account recommending it. The best movie recommendations come from your friends.

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